Month: February 2012

EBT Phone Home

The Scottish Football Association have appointed Lord William Nimmo Smith to chair their inquiry into recent activities at Rangers. Here one well-informed caller nails it about problems with Campbell Ogilvie, Martin Bain and Rangers…the professional journalists listen closely as they… Read More ›

Caption Competition

The Prime MInister was in Jockland to announce his new Devo Shsh initiative. Here is David Cameron eating porridge in Fife last week. Special prize to the reader with the funniest caption for the event…

Love Life – February

‘Love Life’ is Bella’s Agony Aunt column by Jamie Heckert… because the personal is political and the ‘state we’re in’ is complicated. Freedom, in Scotland and elsewhere, isn’t something that is given by governments or other authorities. It’s something that’s… Read More ›

Devo Shsh

After months of demanding a referendum that is simple, clear and transparent. David Cameron has suggested a process that is top secret. You’ve heard of Devo Max and Devo Plus, welcome to Devo Shsh…by Doug Daniel David Cameron’s sudden (apparent)… Read More ›

Here & Now

‘Despatches from the Invisible Revolution’ E-book published by New Public Thinkers launch evening 29 February, Venue tbc. Includes: A show of hands – Alex Fradera, Fear and homecoming in 2011 – Keri Facer Bergeron’s Children – Smári McCarthy, Accents of the… Read More ›

The Spin Room

By Mike Small So what just happened? Watching the body language, maneuvering and positioning is fascinating. Salmond welcomes Cameron, and hand on back ushers him into a room before sitting in front of a huge yellow map. The table was… Read More ›


By Doug Daniel The Westminster parliament’s Scottish Affairs Committee (which includes several English MPs in its membership), has published a short report on the questions it feels need to be answered before people can make an informed choice in the… Read More ›

Let Glasgow Flourish

By Jonathan Mackie It’s a common – and often justified – complaint that Scotland’s mainstream media outlets focus disproportionately on Glasgow when deeming what’s worthy of ‘news’ status.  This time, however, the goings-on over recent weeks at Hollywood’s favourite Kremlin… Read More ›

A Future Equality

I know some people will say ‘What’s this got to do with independence?!’ It has everything to do with independence. Winning the battle for Yes is NOT about competing on the same economic terms as Britain and the failed models,… Read More ›

Irish Ayes

Britain’s Ancien Regime is in a state of flux and the current situation is loaded with potential and provides those of us striving for the maximum change in society with a historic opportunity.

Scottish Power

By Mark Ruskell One of the biggest independence battlegrounds will be over energy and the ‘divided we fall’ arguments of the Unionists will be writ large. Labour MP and Shadow Energy Minister Tom Greatrex fired early shots in Holyrood Magazine recently, claiming… Read More ›