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    This week news broke that work on the £7.3 million restoration project to Cardross Seminary – led by arts charity NVA – will start next […]

    Mike Small 11th Dec'15 19
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    Remembering Ian Bell

    The palpable sense of loss with the passing of Willie McIlvanney has been added to by the sad news of the death of the writer Ian […]

    Mike Small 11th Dec'15 26
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    Bram E Gieben 9th Dec'15 61
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    Avengers Assemble!

    Walls Come Tumbling Down – Assemble and the Turner Prize When artist, writer and musician Kim Gordon announced Assemble as the winner of the 2015 […]

    Neil Cooper 8th Dec'15 1
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    Kevin Williamson 4th Dec'15 0
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    Cultural Fabric Under Attack

    The corporate takeover of our towns and cities has been rampant in recent years. In combination with chronic under-funding of the Arts, the impact on […]

    Zara Kitson 3rd Nov'15 7
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    Carla Sassi 31st Oct'15 10
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    An Eye-Popping Lack of Diversity

    Recently, on the Parliamentary Channel I caught a late-night adjournment debate with Chuka Umunna MP urging the government to ensure a more rapid response in […]

    Thom Cross 30th Oct'15 28
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    Republic of Stories

    This week saw the launch of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2015, ‘Stories Without Borders.’ As well as bringing together world cultures – with a […]

    Mairi McFadyen 25th Oct'15 1
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    Neon Dundee

    Dundee is confirming its reputation as a hub of creative digital innovation with the hosting of NEoN, Scotland’s only digital arts festival, described as ‘a […]

    Mike Small 16th Oct'15 2
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    Kim Jong Lizzie

    BBC footage of the Queen’s birthday with BBC commentary about Kim Jong Il’s birthday dubbed over it …

    15th Oct'15 15
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    12th Oct'15 3
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    Bella Glasgow Fundraiser

    We’re delighted to announce a fundraiser concert featuring singer songwriter Ricky Ross, the acclaimed Karine Polwart and rap duo Loki and Becci Wallace. We will […]

    Mike Small 18th Sep'15 2
  • Arts & Culture
    George Gunn 2nd Sep'15 16

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