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    All the Lost Wars

    The first of our series of ebooks, War is Coming launches at the Voodoo Rooms next week. Book your tickets here. The book charts the […]

    Gordon Guthrie 22nd Apr'16 3
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    War is Coming

    ‘War is Coming’ by Gordon Guthrie is the first of a new series of ebooks published by Bella Caledonia. It charts the last thirty years of […]

    12th Apr'16 37
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    Martin Spencer 9th Apr'16 44
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    Dispossessing the Sámi Peoples

    The ancient forest of Białowieża – the last remaining primeval forest in the European lowlands – straddles the Polish/ Belarus border, and is the last […]

    Justin Kenrick 30th Mar'16 20
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    28th Mar'16 3
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    Another Fine Mess

    President Obama has at last acknowledged that Libya is a “mess”. An American President using a word like “distracted” to describe David Cameron’s contribution to […]

    John S Warren 13th Mar'16 15
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    Mike Small 2nd Mar'16 7
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    Idrees Ahmad 28th Feb'16 53
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    Plan B For Europe

    In the same weekend in which David Cameron casually sacrificed one of the founding principles of the EU – the non-discrimination of EU migrants – […]

    Douglas Stuart Wilson 24th Feb'16 16
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    On Trump’s Wall Fascism

    “Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall!” the chanting in the Tampa sports arena went on for over 15 minutes as reported. Of […]

    Thom Cross 15th Feb'16 6
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    Yes to Bernie

    My heart burns with hope when I listen to Bernie Sanders speak. As each word promises change and every statement emboldens listeners to believe in […]

    Katie Gallogly-Swan 14th Feb'16 17
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    How to Trip up Trump

    Those of you who watched Matt Frei’s The Mad World of Donald Trump may still be reeling (available to view here). Those of you who […]

    Mike Small 28th Jan'16 14
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    Singapore Progress

    There was much talk of a “new normal” after the 2011 general election in Singapore. The ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) had received the lowest […]

    Kirsten Han 5th Jan'16 10
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    What Just happened in Spain?

    The Spanish General Elections results of 20th December 2015 have thrown up a fragmented political map in Spain as multi-coloured as a paella valenciana with […]

    Douglas Stuart Wilson 22nd Dec'15 14

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