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    The Daily Male

    It’s time to end the media sausagefest, argues Katherine Trebeck. Four incidents happened this week that illustrate just how difficult it is for women to […]

    Katherine Trebeck 23rd Jan'18 10
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    A Message from the Thought Police

    The furore over the attacks on the poor old Daily Mail by the “thought police” has been building for some time. Elements of the political […]

    Mike Small 10th Jan'18 17
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    Andrew Learmonth 5th Jan'18 13
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    Bella Caledonia 2017

    On the first Saturday of the month we publish a print magazine in collaboration with The National newspaper. This is a 24 page supplement that […]

    23rd Dec'17 0
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    Ghost Writers and Peak Ink

    We’ve been concerned recently about whether things exist or not. Things like impact assessment reports, democracy in Northern Ireland or a peace process in the […]

    Mike Small 19th Dec'17 3
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    The Scottish Left, Reviewed

    As a socialist in the SNP, it’s difficult to know what message I am supposed to take from the editorial in Scottish Left Review 101. […]

    Craig Lundie 18th Dec'17 25
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    11th Dec'17 0
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    Wrapping Paper Fury

    “Follow the money”, as the saying goes. “Hit them where it hurts” goes another. Stop Funding Hate takes these wise slogans and has turned them […]

    Mike Small 21st Nov'17 4
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    Mike Small 20th Nov'17 4
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    14th Nov'17 1
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    Alt Press History

    We are researching Scotland’s radical press and the history of the pre-internet alternative media. We are looking at: Cencrastus, Common Sense, Scottish Child, Calgacus, Radical […]

    13th Nov'17 35
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    RTs are Not Endorsements

    The news that two politicians who have more than many experienced smear, personal attacks, racism, sexism and political bias should start-up their own TV production […]

    Mike Small 11th Nov'17 62
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    Joe Crawford 24th Oct'17 20
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    A Rough Guide to a Rough Media

      Slightly better news from the OECD, if you can find it in the world’s most beautiful country On the morning that the Herald did […]

    Neil Blain 18th Oct'17 6

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