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    The Beautiful Truth

    * Here’s Tony, thumbs in pockets, collar open, addressing the troops. The black denims are on, the look is casual. It’s not clear if the […]

    Mike Small 6th Jul'17 9
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    Bella Notes

    Apologies, fixes, corrections … On the first weekend of the month we publish a free magazine with The National. After the print issue comes out […]

    4th Jul'17 6
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    Gender and Twitter

    You may have seen this tweet by Lissted (‘Superhuman Social Listening’) getting shredded for being ALL MEN. It was they said charting the top ranked […]

    Laurie Fraser 28th Jun'17 3
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    TV News from the River Clyde

    The River Clyde’s differential effects on the news editing process: or, now you see Ruth Davidson, now you don’t. Here’s a strange thing. Two broadcasting […]

    Neil Blain 13th Jun'17 10
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    Dog Whistle Politics Serve No-one

    Labour have this morning announced that the shadow Home Secretary will temporarily step away from her role due to a health issue. She will be […]

    7th Jun'17 17
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    Start Making Sense

    Paul Mason discusses Donald Trump’s disastrous tour of Europe with The Nation magazine and its impact on European relations, defence and future politics.  

    3rd Jun'17 0
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    Luke Devlin 2nd Jun'17 3
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    Echo and Narcissus

    This Saturday we have a treat for you. It’s the last weekend before the General Election and our print magazine – Bella #4 – is […]

    Mike Small 2nd Jun'17 8
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    Mike Small 28th May'17 4
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    Silence Listening to Silence

    John Cawley reflects on Scottish politics as a spectator sport. The revolving doors between politics and commentariat are at the heart of a closed world […]

    John Cawley 28th May'17 44
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    Chelsea is Free

    This week Chelsea Manning walked free [“Former Intelligence Analyst. Trans Woman. Former prisoner” – follow her @xychelsea ‏] Collateral murder’ exposed US war crimes against […]

    Mike Small 19th May'17 2
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    Real World Print Posters (for you)

    Celebrating a new series of FREE print posters for you, from the prolific and generous Stewart Bremner …

    Stewart Bremner 19th May'17 0
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    No 9

    So we just scraped into the Top Ten of UK Political Blogs today according to ‘Vuelio’, whoever they are.  Which is good, I guess. See […]

    Mike Small 3rd May'17 9
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    Mike Small 30th Apr'17 42

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