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  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig
    Ruairidh MacÌomhair 1st Apr'16 5
  • Media
    Callum Baird 6th Mar'16 26
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    Guest Editors

    We’re delighted to announce a trove of Guest Editors lining up over the spring and summer. These kind folks will slip into the Editors Chair for […]

    Mike Small 4th Mar'16 2
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    Micky Mouse Politics

    George Osborne has mocked Labour for receiving economic advice from Yanis Varoufakis and broadcaster Paul Mason, suggesting they were chosen because “Chairman Mao was dead […]

    3rd Mar'16 9
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    The News at Six

    On the basis of the Forsyth Principle (closely akin to the McColm Principle), i.e. the iron law that “Whatever Michael Forsyth Says the Opposite is […]

    Mike Small 29th Feb'16 35
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    Don’t Cringe in My Backyard

    Stuart Cosgrove destroys the cultural cringe around a Scottish Six. Ok, in the week that Scotland has shocked international journalism by admitting it doesn’t have […]

    Stuart Cosgrove 25th Feb'16 114
  • Media
    Philip Schlesinger 12th Feb'16 13
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    ScotIndyPod 120 – Jack Foster

    Michael Greenwell’s excellent Scottish Indy Podcast, number 120, in which he interviews Jack Foster about Newshaft and alt media:

    Michael Greenwell 5th Feb'16 0
  • Media
    Phantom Power 1st Feb'16 2
  • Commentary

    Without Fear or Favour

    There is a bucketful of irony surrounding my departure from the Sunday Herald which doesn’t escape me. Firstly, I was sacked less than a week […]

    Angela Haggerty 31st Jan'16 133
  • Media
    Joe Crawford 15th Jan'16 26
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    Discos and Drugs

    The period between Christmas and New Year is a difficult one for journalists and this year has proved just so for poor Iain Martin caught […]

    Mike Small 31st Dec'15 25
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    Noam Chomsky Interview

    The Independence Live team have been an integral part of the alternative media for over two years and now need your support in the next […]

    27th Dec'15 6
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    Whose News?

    It is a remarkable characteristic of major shibboleths in our society that matters that would quickly be seen as being logically contradictory, factually unsustainable, rationally […]

    John S Warren 20th Dec'15 14

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