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    The News in Poetry

    Peter Burnett reflecks on the recent season o dool and mishanter aroond the warld in this pouerfu new Doric poem ‘The News in Poetry – […]

    Peter Burnett 22nd Jan'16 4
  • Scots

    Gie it Laldy

    Gie it laldy, he says. So I do. Dae? I will. Scrieve in Scots, the mannie says. But how can I? A? Naw, A soons […]

    Karen Campbell 13th Jan'16 16
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    Fae Mooth tae Page

    A Guid New Year tae ye! And a new year challenge tae ye and aw. We here at the Scots bittie o Bella Caledonia cordially […]

    Matthew Fitt 7th Jan'16 51
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    Da Night at Christ wis Boarn

    For Yule, a gracefu pensie poem by kenspeckle Shetland writer Stella Sutherland that passed awa no langsyne in 2015. Listen tae Mary Blance read the poem […]

    Stella Sutherland 24th Dec'15 5
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    The offending word was circled in red pen: ‘outwith’ The note in the margin read ‘Do you mean, WITHOUT?’. A first class student for the […]

    Laura Cameron Lewis 16th Dec'15 137
  • Scots

    Mindin on Willie McIlvanney

    Willie McIlvanney wis niver a man for tholin praise, which wis liable tae be a difficulty for a scriever sae universally an uniquely belovit. Whauriver […]

    Tammas Clark 8th Dec'15 8
  • Scots
    Billy Kay 4th Dec'15 47
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    An Owresetter’s Tale

    A wis born at 11.45 a.m. on Monday the 11th July in 1949, the furst o twin brothers, in the Cottage Hospital at Netherdale in […]

    Brian Holton 26th Nov'15 17
  • Scots

    A wee scrieve oan Scots leid policy

    By David Officer, artist and writer based in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire. The launch of Creative Scotland’s Scots language policy today is long overdue and sorely needed. […]

    David Officer 4th Jun'15 58

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