"The UK Scotland voted to stay in doesn't exist any more"

  • When Friday Comes
    Kevin Williamson 17th Jun'16 7
  • Arts & Culture

    Help Bring the Word-O-Mat to Glasgow

    Wot is the Word-O-Mat? “Word-o-Mat is a vending machine designed to satisfy your cravings for language. It was born out of a love affair between short […]

    17th Jun'16 0
  • Environmental Justice

    Crapitalism – a Rubbish Exhibition

    “Crapitalism – a rubbish exhibition” opens at The Creative Exchange, Leith tonight Friday 17 June at 6.30pm by Leithers Don’t Litter who argue: “together, we really […]

    Mike Small 17th Jun'16 1
  • Longform
    Gordon Asher 17th Jun'16 11
  • Media

    Nobody Knows What They are Doing

    Newspapers, television, publishing, magazines are all being fed into the crusher. We have become used to technology changing things irretrievably, but it is still a […]

    17th Jun'16 0
  • Commentary

    A Terrible Ugliness Has Been Born

    We should establish some ground rules first. As I write, we do not know for certain what led a stranger to kill Jo Cox. Such […]

    Peter Geoghegan 17th Jun'16 67
  • Commentary
    Gerry Hassan 17th Jun'16 20
  • Identity
    Gillian Cummings 17th Jun'16 3
  • EU membership

    Breaking Point?

    Visual imagery is everything. This poster is what Jonathan Jones has called the visual equivalent of Enoch Powell’s river of blood speech. The slogan ‘the EU […]

    Sunny Hundal 16th Jun'16 16
  • Climate Change

    Target Practice

    Scotland has achieved its 2020 emissions reductions target six years early. The figures for 2014 are now published, emissions have fallen 45.8% from their 1990 […]

    Magnus Jamieson and Magnus Davidson 16th Jun'16 3
  • Commentary

    Mayday! Mayday! After Labour

    We need to talk about politics after Labour. The Australian politician John Howard said, of political campaigns: “You can’t fatten the pig on market day”. […]

    Gordon Guthrie 16th Jun'16 1
  • Commentary

    All at Sea

    Not since Willy and Barnabas and Malcolm MacLaren embraced the waterways has so much fun been had as yesterday’s Brexit Flotilla holed the credibility of the […]

    Mike Small 16th Jun'16 6
  • EU membership

    Brexit and Scottish Independence

    What will the impact of a Leave vote next week have on Scotland? How will our constitutional future be affected? Over at the National Michael […]

    Mike Small 15th Jun'16 17
  • International

    What Happened in California?

    Confused about the whole Hillary v Bernie thing? This podcast from The Nation on where next for the Bernie Sanders candidacy and movement is good […]

    15th Jun'16 3

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