independence – self-determination – autonomy

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    John O'Dowd 19th Jul'16 17
  • Trident

    Trident is a Strange Beast

    A perverted potlatch, snake oil, charm to ward off evil. Like a protection charm that is worn around the neck while leaching poison into body […]

    Justin Kenrick 18th Jul'16 20
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    Dreams of Normality

    Several years ago, in Inverness’s fabulous church of second hand books, I found what became my favourite (3 line) poem. Three lines that (you may […]

    Justin Kenrick 17th Jul'16 35
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    Tommy Sheppard for Deputy Leader

    Tommy Sheppard MP has announced tonight his candidacy for the Deputy Leader of the SNP, joining Alyn Smith MEP, Angus Robertson MP as well as […]

    Mike Small 15th Jul'16 17
  • Tribe of Moles

    Resisting DWP Pyschocoercion

    Benefit sanctions, workfare, cuts to disability benefits, cuts to benefits for migrants, cuts to benefits for young people…… To the long list of vicious government […]

    15th Jul'16 7
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig

    Dh’fhalbh Siud is Thàinig Seo

    Sin soraidh slàn dhan Chamshronach ma tha (uill, soraidh co-dhiù). Prìomh mhinistear a tha a’ fàgail mar dhìleab aon aonadh a tha gu cinnteach marbh […]

    Ruairidh MacÌomhair 15th Jul'16 2
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    The Party is Over

    The Party is Over…and both Corbyn and his enemies know it. What is going on now can no longer be seen as a fight for […]

    Peter Arnott 14th Jul'16 41
  • Interview

    A Nasty Piece of Work

    Boris Johnson faces a proper journalist for a change. If you haven’t seen this classic interview with Eddie Mair you should watch it now. It […]

    14th Jul'16 25
  • Poetry

    The First Time She Saw A Ciabatta

    (Reflections on Brexit) The first time she saw a Ciabatta Was on one sunny springlike day In a snack bar, by the meadows Sometime round […]

    David Greig 14th Jul'16 6
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    Goodbye to Cameron

    Commenting on today’s cabinet changes Robert Peston has said: “To repeat, this is a HUGE reshuffle – total remaking of government. Massive political, cultural and […]

    14th Jul'16 2
  • Labour

    Labour as a Counter Power

    As the Tory party lurches to the right, the struggle for the Labour Party continues with Paul Mason outlining a radical alternative in this interview […]

    14th Jul'16 2
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    Boris Represents You

    A racist Prime Minister, a racist Foreign Secretary, a disgraced International Trade Secretary and a pro-capital punishment Brexit Minister. This isn’t a sick joke, this […]

    Mike Small 14th Jul'16 37
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    Right Here, Right Now

    Theresa May is the new Prime Minister. There will be no election, either by members of the Conservative Party, or (far more importantly) the British […]

    John S Warren 14th Jul'16 14
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    Peter Arnott 13th Jul'16 16

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