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    Too Comfortable in Canada?

    In the 1981 movie Le confort et l’Indiférence, Denis Arcand tried to explain Québec’s 1980 independence referendum defeat by arguing that, once the smoke had […]

    Jean-Francois Joubert 20th Sep'11 13
  • Film and Animation

    Visualizing Plenitude

    Juliet Schor is an inspiration: “Millions of us have lost control over the basic rhythm of their daily lives. They work too much, eat too […]

    Mike Small 20th Sep'11 0
  • Civil Liberties

    Dale Farm – Hurtling Backwards

    Going to press tonight news that a temporary reprieve has been won. I can’t pretend to have followed the saga of Dale Farm up close […]

    Kate Higgins 19th Sep'11 4
  • Basque Country
    Mike Small 19th Sep'11 10
  • Afghanistan
    16th Sep'11 0
  • Arts & Culture

    Orwell was Wrong (just occasionally)

    I have been an Orwell obsessive since I was 11 years old when I read Down & Out in Paris & London. I was obviously […]

    Michael Greenwell 15th Sep'11 19
  • International

    Towards a Post-Colonial Scotland

    Nationalism is about the relationship between people and land. Ernest Gellner’s classic definition tells us that “nationalism is primarily a political principle that holds that the […]

    David Tobin 15th Sep'11 7
  • Afghanistan

    Red White and Blue Labour

    Just as Brown materialised in fits and starts out of the glaur, Scottish Labour seems to be appearing like some sort of political miasma drifting […]

    Mike Small 14th Sep'11 17
  • Film and Animation
    Mike Small 13th Sep'11 0
  • Climate Change

    Reality Check

    Wind’s got up a bit eh?

    12th Sep'11 0
  • Uncategorized
    Kevin Williamson 12th Sep'11 13
  • Civil Liberties

    Love Life (Sept)

    Freedom, in Scotland and elsewhere, isn’t something that is given by governments or other authorities. It’s something that’s practiced. And not just in social movements […]

    Mike Small 12th Sep'11 4
  • Ireland
    David Tobin 11th Sep'11 16
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Reclaiming Independence

    I think Mhairi McAlpin and Paul Kingsnorth have done us a great service (see Mhairi’s previous post – Unite?) with the discussion they have provoked […]

    Justin Kenrick 11th Sep'11 19

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