Scotland's 5th Estate

  • Review
    R. Eric Swanepoel 4th Feb'18 15
  • Commentary

    Deluded Democracy

    In Fugue State Britain, feudal hangovers and anachronistic establishments mean power remains in the hands of a chumocracy dominated by Lady Mone and her ilk. […]

    Mike Small 3rd Feb'18 49
  • Arts & Culture

    The Last Days of Creative Scotland

    Scotland’s artists mustn’t fall for this any longer. A change of management won’t be enough to save CS this time. It’s time for artists to […]

    Neil Cooper 3rd Feb'18 28
  • Human Rights

    From Politics to Panto

    Iain Dale, the Conservatives favourite blogger-turned radio star is celebrating Ann Widdeecombe, urging his readers: “Ann Widdecombe needs your vote. For those of you who […]

    Mike Small 2nd Feb'18 1
  • Arts & Culture
    Mairi McFadyen 2nd Feb'18 10
  • Football

    Regan – the Charge Sheet

    Tom English and Henry McLeish are on the radio this morning telling us that heading up the SFA is a uniquely toxic post, and that […]

    2nd Feb'18 18
  • Scots
    Ally Heather 30th Jan'18 8
  • Commentary

    Clause 11

    On 16th January there was a House of Commons debate on the Conservative Government EU Withdrawal Bill. Among the clauses and amendments debated, Clause 11 […]

    30th Jan'18 20
  • Commentary

    From Davos to D-Day

    Watching Nick Park’s $50 million cartoon Early Man, you realise that the depth of England’s Brexit-related crisis is deeper and graver than you suspected. Here […]

    Mike Small 29th Jan'18 7
  • Climate Change


    Imagine living in a time when the most powerful man in the world was so stupid he thought “cleanliness” was more important than climate change. […]

    Mike Small 29th Jan'18 1
  • Arts & Culture
    Neil Cooper 29th Jan'18 21
  • International

    The Coup Nobody Is Talking About

    Is a coup taking place in Brazil before our very eyes? Jamie Maxwell investigates. As a rule, I think political journalists should avoid writing about […]

    Jamie Maxwell 29th Jan'18 0
  • Human Rights

    The Scandal of Spycops in Scotland

    Scotland is not at the periphery of the spycops scandal, but at the heart of it. This is the story missing from most media accounts […]

    Harvey Duke 29th Jan'18 4
  • Scots
    Tammas Clark 27th Jan'18 8

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