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    Austerity Myths

    If there’s one thing that Jeremy Corbyn has been absolutely consistent about in recent years, it’s that the Tories’ spending cuts are not, as the […]

    Jamie Maxwell 4th Dec'17 7
  • Brexit

    A Wake-Up Call

    Britain’s ignorance of Ireland is leading it blindly into crisis by Naomi O’Leary. Brexit has exposed profound ignorance, indifference, and retrograde beliefs towards Ireland in […]

    Naomi O'Leary 3rd Dec'17 47
  • International

    The Merkel Effect

    Chloé Farand in Berlin explains the fallout from the political crisis in Germany. For more than a decade, Angela Merkel has been the symbol of […]

    Chloé Farand 3rd Dec'17 4
  • Land Ownership

    The Promised Land

    “The blooming appearance of this place forms a delightful contrast with the bleak aspect of the mountains within view. The traces of tillage on a […]

    Alastair McIntosh 3rd Dec'17 1
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    Meaghan Delahunt 1st Dec'17 0
  • Music
    1st Dec'17 6
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    Speech and War

    Peter Arnott on the obscenity that is Trump and how it attacks language and democracy: ” It feels like dereliction of duty even to try […]

    Peter Arnott 1st Dec'17 10
  • Environmental Justice
    Svenja Meyerricks 30th Nov'17 5
  • Brexit

    The Theatre of Humiliation

    The Theatre of Humiliation: From The Province of The Cat by George Gunn As the ungainly farce of Brexit blathers to its inevitable conclusion, now […]

    George Gunn 30th Nov'17 3
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    Fergus Walker 30th Nov'17 15
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    The Communist Terrors

    Jostling for position among the many fantasies of Britain’s faltering elite, is a new one emerging this week. It goes something like this: young people […]

    Mike Small 29th Nov'17 7
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    29th Nov'17 7
  • Commentary

    Changing the Maps

    “My silences had not protected me. Your silence will not protect you.” – Audre Lorde The question of ‘voice’ and how we communicate and how we […]

    29th Nov'17 14
  • Brexit

    Whistle for it Boris

    It’s like reparations for stupidity. Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and David Davis huffed & puffed, called the Europeans names, blamed the Irish, wrapped themselves in […]

    Mike Small 29th Nov'17 1

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