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  • Climate Change


    This from Alastair McIntosh: “In the forecourt of Euston station sits a tractor-sized sculpture called Piscator. “Silvery and enigmatic”, said the Telegraph in its obituary […]

    Alastair McIntosh 3rd Oct'09 1
  • New Labour

    Fade to Gray

    This from Open Democracy’s Our Kingdom website: “This is charitably the fifth policy position of Scottish Labour on the independence question in two years. First, […]

    Mike Small 29th Sep'09 2
  • Elections

    Voting Rights of Young People

    This from the Guardian on the voting rights of young people: “The constitutional question of suffrage for young people is becoming important as the country […]

    Mike Small 27th Sep'09 3
  • Uncategorized

    Labours Nuclear Nightmare

    All of last week there was a big debate about the SNP Governments ‘anti-Glasgow’ agenda due to cutting the GARL (Glasgow airport link) in the […]

    Mike Small 20th Sep'09 0
  • Compassion

    Compassion (Part One)

    This the first of a series of commissioned articles on the concept of ‘compassion’, by Alastair McIntosh… I got an email from the editors of […]

    Alastair McIntosh 10th Sep'09 1
  • Referendum on Independence

    The Long March

    This from Gerry Hassan on Our Kingdom: “The progressive story of Britain is in deep, deep crisis, perhaps mortally so; it has been battered by […]

    Gerry Hassan 4th Sep'09 4
  • Referendum on Independence

    Dismantling the Empire State

    The SNP has begun its attempt to break up Great Britain by bringing forward a bill for a referendum on independence. First Minister Alex Salmond […]

    Mike Small 2nd Sep'09 4
  • New Labour

    Browns Silence

    Why is Gordon Brown silent? Yesterday’s Herald newspaper, wrote: “Speaking from a hospital bed at his home in Tripoli, Megrahi talked extensively about his 10-year […]

    Mike Small 29th Aug'09 8
  • Lockerbie

    Megrahi Reflections

    It will be interesting to see just how desperate the opposition parties are today, and if they want to put the knife into Kenny MacAskill. […]

    Mike Small 24th Aug'09 0
  • International

    Scotland & the Lockerbie Ruling

    It’s perhaps doubtful whether the Libyan people – and economy – will recover from the shock of the withdrawal of a trade visit from Prince […]

    Mike Small 22nd Aug'09 5
  • WMD

    Time Up for Trident & the Union

    ‘Nuclear weapons pervade our thinking. Control our behaviour. Administer our societies. Inform our dreams. They bury themselves like meathooks deep in the base of our […]

    Brian Quail 18th Aug'09 2
  • Review

    Book of Scotlands

    I don’t share Pat Kanes view of Momus (“for me, he’s one of the most challengingly brilliant Scottish minds of the last twenty years”) or […]

    Mike Small 17th Aug'09 3
  • Music

    Bhundu Boys

    Today would have been Hugh MacDiarmid birthday. Norman MacCaig called for it to be celebrated with “two minutes pandemonium’. Enjoy the Bhundu Boys singing Hugh […]

    Mike Small 11th Aug'09 0
  • Media

    Write Stuff

    I mentioned DestiNation as a sign of a now thriving alternative publishing movement  in Scotland, on and off line. There’s more evidence  over at the […]

    Mike Small 18th Jul'09 4

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