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    Rape Admin

    The government have released the form you have to fill in if you want to claim child benefit after being raped. Here it is.  Survivors […]

    6th Apr'17 0
  • Education
    Sue Palmer 6th Apr'17 4
  • Media
    Claire Sawers and Jennifer Jones 5th Apr'17 2
  • Labour

    Labour Scotland

    Firstly, to get it out there, to set the scene as it were, just to be honest like, I am an independence supporter. I have […]

    David Anderson 5th Apr'17 22
  • Media

    Black Drinks Matter

    Is there anything worse than a militarised police force inflicting racist brutality and operating above the law? Apparently there is: that daily reality being turned […]

    Mike Small 5th Apr'17 7
  • International

    Seeing Scotland Differently

    Robert J Somynne on the rebirth of Scotland on the geopolitical stage. From the second edition of our monthly print magazine in collaboration with The […]

    Robert J Somynne 5th Apr'17 5
  • Events

    Gramsci’s Scotland

    ‘The old order is dying and the new one is struggling to be born’. April marks the 80th anniversary of the death of the influential […]

    Colin Fox 4th Apr'17 4
  • Short Story

    The Things That Bind Us

    A meteorite about the size of a goose egg, a flint tool excavated from a barrow somewhere west of Stonehenge, a fossilised reindeer antler turned […]

    Paul Tritschler 4th Apr'17 3
  • Arts & Culture

    Hail the Epic Fail

    How many feature films are there in production led by a Scots producer? Not a single one. May Miles Thomas argues that if that was […]

    May Miles Thomas 3rd Apr'17 46
  • Europe

    Banana Republic

    My friend has a theory about missing bits of culture and history. It’s ‘mislaid’ by mainstream historians – not in some Orwellian act of deliberate […]

    Mike Small 3rd Apr'17 4
  • Europe

    Trident and Betty Blue Passports

    On a lunatic morning when Michael Howard appears to be suggesting War with Spain to Keep The Buggers Off Our Rock, when Simon Heffer seems […]

    Peter Arnott 2nd Apr'17 0
  • Identity

    War Baby

    So a week in and we’re threatening war with Spain. This is going well. Explanations vary. Some say they forgot about Gibraltar in the same […]

    2nd Apr'17 14
  • Europe

    Brexit Fool’s Day

    The Prime Minister just pranked the entire UK with a letter published in several newspapers claiming to “represent “every person” in the U.K”.  In a […]

    1st Apr'17 6
  • Economics

    The Currency Question

    Why establishing a new currency is the right choice for an independent Scotland by John Alexander Smith. As the currency debate dominated the 2014 Indyref […]

    John Alexander Smith 31st Mar'17 36

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