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    On Nationalism

    The furore over the First Minister’s comments about nationalism are hugely over-played. It’s the silly season and bored journos are looking to fill pages. The […]

    Mike Small 21st Aug'17 17
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    Are you worried about the Bongs? The Daily Mail’s Deputy Political Editor John Stevens (‘Always looking for stories’) is. While some of you may be […]

    Mike Small 19th Aug'17 7
  • #Indyref2

    Playing Ball

    At the moment polls are still fluctuating between a small lead for independence and a small lead for staying in a rapidly failing state (I […]

    Michael Greenwell 18th Aug'17 26
  • Football
    Mike Small 18th Aug'17 2
  • Economics

    Money Myth and Magic

    It is often said that Governments have to operate just like any household budget. Governments can only spend what they can earn; where Government earnings […]

    John S Warren 18th Aug'17 7
  • Civil Liberties

    The Rise of Illiberal Democracy

    The recent “Unite the Right” march by a couple of hundred white supremacists, neo-Nazis and other right-wing extremists across the University of Virginia campus offered […]

    Henry Giroux 18th Aug'17 4
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    Strange Fruit

    When we wrote earlier this year of the potential for a neo-fascism to emerge out of the darkness of a Trump presidency we were ridiculed […]

    Mike Small 17th Aug'17 19
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    George Gunn 16th Aug'17 15
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    Tommy Sheppard 16th Aug'17 0
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    Scotland Your Scotland

    “The Union hasn’t been saved, it’s over” argues Andrew O’Hagan in his Scotland Your Scotland keynote lecture to the Edinburgh Book Festival. “Scotland is a […]

    Andrew O Hagan 16th Aug'17 45
  • Media

    Media Wars

    As part of a new series looking at deeper problems of media and political control beyond just ‘SNPBad’ here ARTIST TAXI DRIVER Chunky Mark interviews […]

    Mike Small 15th Aug'17 3
  • Scots

    Fash this isnae Syria

    Stuart Paterson is ane o the maist vital, vocal an virrsome poets oan the Scottish scene. He screives baith in English an Scots, anent a […]

    Stuart Paterson 14th Aug'17 7
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    Flip Flop Economics

    Remember when it was the jam? Early stages of Brexit the Fantasy (Season 1) we had Andrea Leadsom argue that ‘British jam, tea and biscuits […]

    Mike Small 13th Aug'17 17
  • WMD


    This week Scottish CND group assembled at the Peace Tree beside the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow to remember the civilian men women and children who […]

    Magi Gibson 10th Aug'17 9

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