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  • PostCapitalism


    This week is dedicated to discussing the ideas of Paul Mason’s new book Post Capitalism: a Guide to Our Future, in which he argues that […]

    Mike Small 3rd Aug'15 3
  • Antifascism

    The Queen’s English

    As the tabloids call for the army to be sent in and Cameron whips up hysteria talking of a ‘swarm’, we reflect on the language […]

    Robert J Somynne 2nd Aug'15 31
  • Commentary

    The Cult of Change

    President Obama recently visited his fathers home country of Kenya, a welcome home for Obama, who Kenyans consider a long lost son. The homecoming however […]

    Allan Grogan 1st Aug'15 17
  • Theatre

    Comar Crisis

    Alasdair McCrone doesn’t need additional testimony from me as to his achievements as Mull Theatre’s director over the past twenty years. We’ve worked together on […]

    Peter Arnott 1st Aug'15 9
  • Arts & Culture
    George Gunn 1st Aug'15 8
  • Poverty

    Foodbank Scotland

    “Will you be needing toiletries with this one dear?” asks a kindly volunteer at a Leith Walk foodbank, as she begins to empty out the […]

    Lewis Ritchie 31st Jul'15 21
  • International

    Franco’s Face

    Nuno Silva, a Portuguese-born footballer who has played in Angola and Portugal, and who has just started playing for Spanish football team Real Jaén in […]

    Andrew Giles 31st Jul'15 6
  • Commentary
    Cat Boyd 30th Jul'15 48
  • Commentary

    Cecil the Lion and Walter the Dentist

    Ivor Cutler used to distribute stickers saying ‘Save the Amoeba’. His point was that smaller, less photogenic creatures deserved protection as well as Whales and […]

    Mike Small 30th Jul'15 13
  • #Indyref2

    National Yes Registry

    As part of our #Indyref2project we’re highlighting the National Yes Registry, see more about it and support them here. First let me once again thank […]

    30th Jul'15 22
  • Tech

    Europe’s Greater Springfield

    Yellow, four-fingered, but getting somewhere: Europe’s Greater Springfield’ can learn from the Simpsons. I It is good to see Jim McColl banging heads together to […]

    Christopher Harvie 29th Jul'15 14
  • Commentary

    Dangerous Radicalisation

    The problem of the radicalisation of young people is getting more desperate, as 1000s of people make the journey to ‘Corbyn’. One proud New Labour […]

    29th Jul'15 18
  • Greg Moodie

    MoodieVision: The Joy Of Abstinence

    Series 2 Episode 2 of MoodieVision animation: The Joy Of Abstinence The follow-up to ‘Greg Moodie Versus The Union’, ‘Greg Moodie’s Election Dissection’ is a […]

    Greg Moodie 29th Jul'15 1
  • Commentary

    Standards and Conduct

    Collapse, decay and decadence are all around us as the power base of the village of Westminster unravels in howls of fury and joy. Lord […]

    Mike Small 28th Jul'15 29

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