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    The News at Six

    On the basis of the Forsyth Principle (closely akin to the McColm Principle), i.e. the iron law that “Whatever Michael Forsyth Says the Opposite is […]

    Mike Small 29th Feb'16 35
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    George Gunn 29th Feb'16 14
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    How to do feminism right?

    I read Loki’s piece on Bella Caledonia this morning and it spurred me to write down some thoughts. This isn’t about him personally or the […]

    Kirsty Strickland 28th Feb'16 29
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    Mhairi McAlpine 28th Feb'16 51
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    Idrees Ahmad 28th Feb'16 53
  • Commentary
    Loki 26th Feb'16 64
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    Gerry Hassan 26th Feb'16 25
  • Civil Liberties

    Out to Kill

    “Whose arms are killing Yemen civilians?” Our arms are. Amnesty writes: “In a new report released today, the Control Arms Coalition names France, Germany, Italy, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Spain, […]

    Mike Small 26th Feb'16 12
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    Problems with the Fiscal Settlement

    And so we have a fiscal settlement. Unfortunately, we have a variant of the Treasury’s originally proposed method for indexing the abatement to the Scottish […]

    Jim Cuthbert 26th Feb'16 25
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    Don’t Cringe in My Backyard

    Stuart Cosgrove destroys the cultural cringe around a Scottish Six. Ok, in the week that Scotland has shocked international journalism by admitting it doesn’t have […]

    Stuart Cosgrove 25th Feb'16 114
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    Schrödinger’s Leid?

    Tak heed! The jottins in aneath are scrievit in Scots – nae the Scots o the early makars, nor the Lallans o MacDiarmid. Gin it’ll […]

    Steve Murdoch 24th Feb'16 45
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    Plan B For Europe

    In the same weekend in which David Cameron casually sacrificed one of the founding principles of the EU – the non-discrimination of EU migrants – […]

    Douglas Stuart Wilson 24th Feb'16 16
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    Look Inside

    Bella Postcards: a new series of micro blogs, a (very) random ‘best of the web’ in under 250 words. Zak Bronson on ‘salvage punk’ a […]

    24th Feb'16 0
  • Banking Crisis

    So you think this is about Europe?

    Do you believe this Referendum in June, 2016 is about Europe? It isn’t. Perhaps you think it is about divisions within the Conservative Party? It […]

    John S Warren 24th Feb'16 8

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