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  • Scots

    Scotland go the hail Hogg

    The story wis screivit in stane. A lively Scotland wid be crushed by a ferocious Ireland. Superstar full-back Stuart Hogg micht weel gang the length […]

    Alistair Heather 6th Feb'17 12
  • #Indyref2

    ScotIndyPod – from #BuildYes

    Key talks from the #BuildYes conference in Glasgow, January 2017 with Craig Dalzell on the demographics of indyref 1 (&2), Richard Walker on media and […]

    6th Feb'17 0
  • International

    Building a Counter-Power

    “Building a counter-power”: What Scotland could learn from Spain’s municipal movement ahead of local elections. Ben Wray reports from an international conference of the municipal […]

    Ben Wray 6th Feb'17 5
  • Arts & Culture

    Advertising Shits in Your Head

    After we wrote about the weirdo-manipulation of the British Army’s new recruitment campaign  ‘This is Belonging’ – which uses military conquest as a vehicle for […]

    Mike Small 6th Feb'17 1
  • Anti-Capitalism

    The Apprentice

    Watching the tragedy of Trump’s childlike oligarchy unspool is mesmerising. Like when you can’t help crank your neck to catch the car-crash you don’t want […]

    Mike Small 6th Feb'17 9
  • Commentary
    Mike Small 5th Feb'17 16
  • Commentary
    George Gunn 5th Feb'17 19
  • Media

    Britain at Low Tide

    John Young explores the British nationalism of broadcast media. Here’s some of the programmes with Britain or British added to the title in recent years […]

    John Young 4th Feb'17 24
  • Editorial


    So we’ve had some technical problems on the site in the last few weeks and we’re trying to get them all fixed. Worst of all […]

    4th Feb'17 14
  • Music

    Keep Those Dreams Burning

    This from my friend way out west the @Barrastinian who made us a MixCloud playlist celebrating Bella. Thanks! Enjoy and share… *** Support Bella to […]

    Barrastinian 3rd Feb'17 1
  • Scotland 2021

    Women’s equality in Parliament

    This is an extract from our book of essays ‘Scotland 2021’ (edited by Mike Small and Simon Barrow) available from Word Power books or via Waterstone’s. […]

    Talat Yaqoob 3rd Feb'17 8
  • Commentary

    Three Go Yes

    Three very different defections from No to Yes this week have caused a ripple of anxiety amongst the usually bullish remnants of the Better Together […]

    Mike Small 3rd Feb'17 57
  • Scots
    Ashley Douglas 2nd Feb'17 7
  • Short Story

    When Harry Met Stalin

    Gorbals library, the first public lending library in Glasgow, started life in 1901. The etymology is uncertain; some claim the name Gorbals has its roots […]

    Paul Tritschler 2nd Feb'17 3

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