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    Scotland 2021

    Early next month we’ll be publishing our very first book, Scotland 2021. We’re right in the middle of a big heap of proofing and editing […]

    Mike Small 19th May'16 0
  • Corruption

    PFI is a Failed Treasury Policy

    PFI is a failed Treasury policy. We can’t afford a Treasury ‘Solution’ argues Joel Benjamin. Three weeks before the 2016 Scottish Parliamentary Election and the […]

    Joel Benjamin 19th May'16 2
  • Education

    Play, not tests, is the way forward

    Plans are underway for new standardised assessment procedures, but adopting a play focused approach for under-sevens would be far more beneficial writes Sue Palmer. With […]

    Sue Palmer 18th May'16 2
  • EU membership
    18th May'16 3
  • Practical Radical

    Practical Radical

    Last Sunday TedX Portobello, organised by the magnificent TribePorty [a social enterprise for making things happen] curated a series of speakers called FindUsHere. We were […]

    Mike Small 18th May'16 3
  • Education

    Give Me a Child Until they are Seven

    Our school age is to dictated by a decision made by Victorian politicians back in the 1860s. It has more to do with economics than […]

    17th May'16 10
  • Corruption

    Scotland Redefines Corruption?

    David Ellis and David Whyte (editor of ‘How Corrupt is Britain?’) asks why was the alternative to British crony capitalism not at the heart of […]

    David Ellis and David Whyte 17th May'16 22
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    Kate Tempest – Progress

      Want to support Bella to continue? We need your support. Donate to Bella HERE. Likes(2)Dislikes(0)

    17th May'16 0
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    Bella Needs You #backingbella

    We’ve been asking people why they value Bella Caledonia and support our fundraising efforts to continue. Here’s some responses: “Bella is a remarkable high quality magazine, […]

    17th May'16 14
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    John Warren 16th May'16 7
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    Backing Bella for 2016/17

    We’re launching our annual crowd fund appeal today – and asking for your support. We’ve tried to up our game in the last year and […]

    Mike Small 16th May'16 38
  • When Friday Comes
    Kevin Williamson 13th May'16 3
  • Commentary

    Getting Carried Away

    Alex Massie makes a brave defence of the Tory revival thesis proclaiming not just the popularity of Thatcher and the Poll Tax in Scotland but […]

    Mike Small 13th May'16 45
  • WMD

    The Cost of Union

    The case for dependence was made again and again on what was cutely termed ‘the harsh economic realities’. We had ‘narrow shoulders’ and a volatile […]

    Mike Small 12th May'16 24

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