we-are-citizen-journalismBella Caledonia is an online magazine (launched in 2007) exploring ideas of independence, self-determination and autonomy. Bella is edited and run by Mike Small. We are financed by a crowd-sourced group of supporters.

If you’d like to back us we’d welcome that – your support is essential in balancing the bias that is present through the media in Scotland.

You can write for it, distribute it or sponsor it. But you can also now support our work by sending donations by cheque payable to ‘Bella Caledonia’ – email us at:

for details.

Or pay by transfer into:

Lloyds TSB
Sort: 876892
A/C: 75945360

Or you can donate by Paypal via the button below:

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  1. Is there a way I could pay a small monthly amount via direct debit to a bank account?

    Paypal drove me bonkers yesterday, and said it would take 7 days for money from my personal account to be transferred to my bank account. I’m not letting them profit from me.


  2. I just discovered this site.
    Really excellent.

  3. Hi,

    Excellent site can you add a link to us under film/video:

    Document Festival



  4. Dear Mike, I want to send you a copy of “Trident and International Law”, which was recently launched at the Scottish Parliament.
    Do you have an address?

    Douglas Shaw,,, Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre.

    for Janet Fenton

  5. Yippee, just found this site – so good to have some brains who can add a more balance attitude to Scotland. Far too many people in power have the ability to put their name and greed before their country – and sell it out. We need people who will put their country before their career. Gordon Brown for instance – had redrawn the boundary off the coast of England in an attempt to steal Scots oil for the English in case we moved to independence – for what good it did him.

    I call those who behave like brown as having the “Roseberry infliction”.

  6. And the money is needed for..? (curious, not suspicious)

    • Hi Martin B, we’re doing some publicity material to try and build awareness of the site. We’re also organising a discussion event – and need some funds. All our work is voluntary and most always no-one gets paid for contributions…

  7. Hi folks. I’m trying to find your bank details for donations but can’t seem to locate it. Please point me in the right directon!!!

    • Hi Steve

      Lloyds TSB
      Sort: 876892
      A/C: 75945360

      • Thank you. Will set up a wee donation sometime this week.

      • Apologies for the delay but I’ve finally managed to set up a wee donation starting on the 1st June. I would be obliged if you could confirm receipt to ensure that I have got all the details correct.

    • Have finally managed to set up a small donation. Could you please confirm receipt to ensure I’ve got the details right?

  8. Hi, excellant stuff. Will blog a link to your site.

  9. You know I’m a fan. Any chance of adding Scots Renewables to your blogroll?

  10. Hello Bella Can you please confirm receipt of my direct debit?

  11. Hello

    I’ve got your site on the blogroll at If you’re interested in linking back that’d be great.

    Best Regards


  12. Bell C. …just made 2 posts on Indy march, finding I can only see the first 3 lines of typing the text doesn’t scroll , is this common?

  13. Hi BC. Have been reading and contributing comments for a while. I also work with a great US site called The Greanville Post (TGP) and have passed on links to BC articles. The editor Patrice Greanville would like to be able to post occasional BC articles. And he’d really appreciate it if BC could carry a link to TGP and its Punto Press arm which is publishing Gaither Stewart’s “Europe Trilogy”. Could I post a copy of the recently published second volume (“Lily Pad Roll”) to you for review?

  14. Just noticed you’ve added bank details. (I mostly read this site using an RSS reader and just read your 1/1/2013 post).

    I’ve popped £30 in, let me know if I’ve got the details right and I’ll make a small donation every month I have spare cash.

  15. Please, who or what is behind bella caldon? I’ll send money of it’s A Gray.

  16. Having vowed never again to spend so much as a penny on those loathsome excuses for newspapers with which this country is cursed, if I set up a Standing Order for £10 a month on the 1st of the month, do you require my name/address or can you simply receive donations from those who might wish to remain ‘Anon’?

  17. I have just returned home from Glasgow having seen an ISG “Break Up Britain” poster. I had never heard of ISG before.

    I completely agree with the sentiment behind the aforementioned phrase, but prefer instead to use such terms as “self-determination” or “self-government” and the like, rather than “separation” and “break-up” which are the type of value-laiden and quite innacurate terminology used by the unionists.

    I was also surprised to see the map of Geat Britain on this poster. Scotland constitutes one-third the land surface of GB but this map (obviously taken from somewhere near the equator in a BBC type fashion) showed Scotland to be about one sixth of Great Britain.

    It brought to mind a political debate I had heard on the radio the previous day in which a woman from south of the border opined that “Scotland is a tiny country”!

    The fact that Scotland accounts for one third the land surface of Great Britain, is much the same size as Denmark and is three times larger than Belgium was obviously lost on her! In European terms, Scotland is not a small country!

    It seems to me that not only are the people of Scotland being told that we are too poor and too stupid to run our own affairs, we are also being told that our country is much smaller than it actually is.

  18. Hi – strange there are no editors names or any physical contact details at all – makes you wonder who is running this ? I’m not against the ideas but it would be nice to see some more transparent serious Independence material ….

    • Mike Small is the editor of Bella Caledonia. He is a freelance writer and micro-publisher. He was a founder of Product magazine (first launched as Red Herring in 1998) as well as one of the group behind Indymedia Scotland. He worked with Murray Bookchin in Vermont in the mid 1990s before returning to Scotland.

      He writes for Scottish Left Review, Variant, Red Pepper, New Statesman, the Guardian, and Open Democracy.

    • Wat do you mean by ‘transparent serious Independence material …’?

  19. I live in Asia. If I donate an extra couple of quid could you post out the “Closer” edition to me?

  20. Hi – do you get the full amount of any donation from Paypal, or is a bank transfer better?
    thanks for all the great work. xx

  21. Is it ok to make a small payment every month or do you prefer bigger payments every now and again? Thanks for a great site!

  22. Bella. Please don’t disappear again, it spooks me.
    I’m gearing up to drop a ton in your coffers.
    I like your Poster campaign competition.
    We have to careful online these days.
    I dont want to give my dosh to cowboy.
    Gladly your back up.
    My dosh is on its way.

    • Thanks very much – sounds very promising. We aren’t going anywhere, in fact we’re about to get going … And any support very welcome!

  23. I’m a pensioner with limited funds but… the job you are doing is so important to me, my family, my heirs that I must contribute. The amount will not be much but you must know you are being supported with more than cash. Thank you for all your efforts for independence for Scotland.

  24. I have made a donation of just a tenner which was to be £5 for the Closer mag and a fiver donation but couldn’t state that anywhere on PayPal. sent email to Bella letters but no reply as yet. Can you confirm if this is ok to rectify?

  25. very difficult to get on to referendum tv, why is it so difficult

  26. I just wanted to be kept up to date with posts/info from you

  27. Just a thought could you not change the bank to a credit union or that we one in Airdrie, we can’t really trust Lloyds TSB? Or bitcoins if we can create an online digital currency we have an alternative answer. The technology is coming in leaps and bounds.

  28. I was really inspired by your wipe your eyes article following a real downer after the referendum. I live in Paisley and would like to get involved.

    Thanks for writing the article and thinking about what’s next. During the campaign the scales fell away from my eyes and I can’t cover them up again. However, that new sight made me despondent because I thought that if we couldn’t beat the system this time we wouldn’t do it during this generation.

    Blessings on what you do,

  29. Brave peaceful people of Scotland do not forget this, we will be an independant Scotland ……. It’s only a matter of time ….. Please contact me Glaswegian lassie in Australia x

  30. Good evening, my name is Fraser and I’m a 28 year from Greenock. I am seriously interested in doing anything I can to start making a difference and being a part of your organisation! If you can give me any info on how to I can do this it would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

  31. Really interested in getting involved, we can’t just put the lid on the box need to regroup ready for the onslaught of privatisation etc. Thanks for making this possible.

  32. Hi Mike, are you planning to coordinate with Common Weal (Robin), National Collective, Derek Bateman and NewsnetScotland et al? I have to say that a more collective voice would be great to pull all the disparate movements together and to get what all the groups want which is a strong media outlet (visual is crucial & mainstream likely also critical), and seems a very common thread right now? We need a collective area for all to get and disseminate information as feel that will be much more effective? I’m back in the game and as excited as I was before! Hope over fear. This is just the beginning…….

  33. I’m English and over 50 but I’m sending you £10 a month, starting 26 Sept.

  34. Hi,

    I’m really interested in supporting. Can you please email me direct debit details if you have any?




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