David Cameron


By John S Warren The sub-title of HMG’s Cm 8990, “Scotland and the United Kingdom” is “An Enduring Settlement”. Is it? No. What does the title “An Enduring Settlement” mean? Even Alistair Carmichael MP does not seem to understand what… Read More ›

The New Reality

By Peter Arnott Raymond Williams, the Welsh critic whose lectures I was once privileged to attend (free) as a student  in England, wrote in Culture and Society (1958) these words I have tattooed on my heart: “There are ideas and… Read More ›

Yes or No? The Idiotic question with the intelligent answer

The real political meaning of a Yes vote is to give a mandate to start a conversation that can save democracy. The real mandate is for a Scottish government to start the conversation that can save the best of Britain from the worst that Mr Cameron and Mr Blair and their ugly ilk have in store for us. To vote Yes is to start the conversation. Not finish it. To vote No is to disappear, to sign a piece of paper saying we, as a democratic culture, do not count, we do not exist.

A Letter to No Voters

If you vote No, my friends, my brothers and sisters, whoever you think is going to be in charge of your future, it isn’t going to be you. To Vote No means either that Scotland is not a real country, or that if it is, democracy is too good for it.

Closer #2

We’re soon to launch the second issue of Closer, our offshoot print publication. Closer is the second of four special supplements we’re producing this year in the build up to the referendum. Special thanks to Karyn Dougan and Stewart Bremner… Read More ›

Blue Labour

By Mike Small Yesterday was a historic day. The Daily Record dedicated an eight-page pull out to what they are describing (straight-faced) as ‘extracts from the most explosive political book of the year’. Forget Edward Snowden, here’s Gordon Brown telling… Read More ›

Jekyll and Hyde

The week started well, with Rory wanting to find 100,000 people to man the border hills with flaming torches and David Cameron urging a constitutional orgy of inter-national love messaging. Unfortunately by Wednesday the No campaign had descended into a… Read More ›

The Hunger Games

By Mike Small Today Britain’s Invisible Man spoke at The Hunger Games. Actually, he didn’t. Like most of the No campaign he made reference to past events, in this case those wonderful days when we opened the Olympics, Sir Chris… Read More ›

Hope and Glory?

By Mike Small I’m beginning to think there’s a connection between this weeks story about dogs shitting facing north and Unionist commentators output (presumably genuflecting south). Hamish Macdonell is on fine form squatting here (apparently someones had the temerity to… Read More ›

The Fairly Big Society

From our ongoing series of extracts from Closer, here Dougald Hine reflects on the Big Society. Whatever became of the Big Society? It still gets mentioned, sometimes, as a joke: its humourless punchline, the lengthening queues at volunteer-run food banks…. Read More ›

Fibre Optics

By Kevin Pringle, Scottish National Party Strategic Communications Director. The underlying issue behind Prime Minister David Cameron’s refusal to debate the case for an independent Scotland with First Minister Alex Salmond is that it exposes an identity crisis at the… Read More ›

Riddle Me This…

By Mike Small Michael Forsyth’s impact on the constitutional settlement – whatever that ends up being from the Stone of Destiny to the Euro Referendum – will be for historians to decide, but whisper it he’s doing a great job… Read More ›

The Axis of Incredulity

Despite the litany of threats and ‘warnings’ of the dangers of self-governance, the reality is that we are governed by reckless ideologues. Cameron threatens to ‘temporarily withdraw’ from the European Convention on Human Rights in order to expedite radical cleric’s… Read More ›

EU 2 Brutus?

So Cameron may walk into and flounce out of more EU meetings, he may renegotiate to his heart’s content, he may grandstand and bluster, he may shout loudly and wave a small stick, but all he can get out of it is what the other 27 states agree to…

Devo Shsh

After months of demanding a referendum that is simple, clear and transparent. David Cameron has suggested a process that is top secret. You’ve heard of Devo Max and Devo Plus, welcome to Devo Shsh…by Doug Daniel David Cameron’s sudden (apparent)… Read More ›

The Spin Room

By Mike Small So what just happened? Watching the body language, maneuvering and positioning is fascinating. Salmond welcomes Cameron, and hand on back ushers him into a room before sitting in front of a huge yellow map. The table was… Read More ›