Making Plans for Nigel

By Mike Small Thursday’s confrontation between Nigel Farage and Scottish protesters has led people to question just why Ukip is so unpopular in Scotland. However, it is the wrong question to ask. Instead we should be asking just what has… Read More ›

We Need to Talk About Kevin

It’s difficult to know how to respond to Kevin McKenna’s weekend piece of writing in the Observer ‘If We Buy Taransay We Can Save the Union’ (Sun June 5 2011). It’s certainly a nadir for the Observer / Guardian newspaper and a departure into a form of Uncle Tom journalism for Kevin McKenna.

London Calling

Peter Preston – who was the editor of the Guardian for 20 years (1975-1995) – penned a brief little sketch about the demise of the Scottish press in yesterday’s Observer . Apart from the gaff of referring to the Scottish… Read More ›

MayDay! MayDay for Britain!

The primary role of the British state is to stop the nation happening, in the nation’s proper, civic, dialectical, inclusive sense – and the replacement of a workers’ day by a ‘British day’ is an entirely normal sign of how Britain works.

Gruniad’s Demise

By Mike Small The Guardian matters in a way that few other newspapers do. It’s got history, gravitas and crucially it cracked its online presence from the start and has been steadily whooping everybody’s new media-asses ever since. Democracy Now… Read More ›