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Thom Cross

  • Arts & Culture
    Thom Cross 16th Nov'12 47
  • Arts & Culture

    Beyond Knoxian Theatre

    Scotland does it all the time. We were taught it at school and in the street, by grannies and the meenister; more significantly (ominously?) by […]

    Thom Cross 17th Jan'12 9
  • Scottish Culture

    The Word

    I had an animated conversation in an Edinburgh howf during the recent Festival. I attempted to record this dialogue of feeling within the standard structure […]

    Thom Cross 29th Sep'11 2
  • Commentary
    Thom Cross 2nd Apr'11 6
  • New Labour

    The Eds of March

    Once again Ed Miliband (accompanied by his ‘consigliere’ Ed Balls) visited Scotland last week to help shore-up Iain Gray’s leadership.  For two-Eds are better than […]

    Thom Cross 17th Mar'11 2
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