Something for the weekend sir?

Each week we’ll be bringing you 5 great things we love. Things to do or watch, mostly non-political.

Here’s our first top 5 …

1. The wonderful Overview movie has stunning footage and a profound message.

2. We love this free mix from Thom Yorke for Dazed & Confused.  Poignant on the week when HMV closed. Yes.

3. Leith Community have just launched their Crops in Pots project. ‘We are showing the way, growing food in the heart of an urban community.’ Beautiful, simple stuff.

4. Celtic Connections launches this weekend … book your ticket now. If you don’t know where to start and have a deep-seated fear of Beardy Folkies go for the fantastic Stanley Odd & Electric String Orchestra and Mystery Juice

5. Finally, we love Galgael, which has just launched a series of boat building courses – learn ‘lofting’, half hull model making and spar making with them – and they also have a great job on offer. Details here.