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    People Make Glesga

    Bella Caledonia got in touch with Chris McQueer to find out more about his new collection of short stories HINGS. But Chris couldnae bother his […]

    Chris McQueer 13th Apr'18 5
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    Building a Nation

    Martin O Connor’s Building a Nation explores word-loss, dialect, class, cultural self-loathing and swiftly changing identities norms and aspirations. To a packed audience at the […]

    Mike Small 20th Mar'18 4
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    How to Start a New Country

    I only occasionally do book reviews, largely because I am not the world’s greatest reader of them and so do not often think about writing […]

    Richard Murphy 15th Mar'18 8
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    Heard in the Cougait

    Many Capital citizens will be familiar with the work of John Kay (1742 – 1826) whose caricatures scandalised Enlightenment-era Edinburgh, and whose pictures continue to […]

    Craig Gibson 9th Mar'18 0
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    Graeme Purves 18th Feb'18 4
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    R. Eric Swanepoel 4th Feb'18 15
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    Scottish Spleen and other Stories

    Christie Williamson’s Shetlandic skites off the page like spume onto skerries – ‘An da wind, da swall, da staur, da bird, da clock’ll tell de […]

    Stuart Paterson 26th Jan'18 0
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    Hamilton 1967

    Hamilton 1967: The by-election that transformed Scotland, by James Mitchell; Luath Press, £8.99 “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, / But to […]

    John Herdman 15th Jan'18 2
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    The mercurial elfin polymath Karine Polwart’s Wind Resistance is a tour de force at the Lyceum Theatre. The one-woman show manages to express and articulate […]

    Mike Small 9th Nov'17 5
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    Otto English 7th Nov'17 4
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    On Safari

    Book Review – Poverty Safari by Darren McGarvey, (Luath Press £7.99) reviewed by Jim Monaghan. Darren McGarvey’s publishers make a very bold claim for this […]

    Jim Monaghan 26th Oct'17 3
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    Màrtainn Sgioba Misneachd 20th Sep'17 26
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    From Millais’ Ophelia to Alien’s Ripley, Kathryn Briggs’ Magpie utilizes a myriad of symbols to explore and subvert the female experience. Told through and over […]

    Katy Lennon 8th Mar'17 0
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    Aye’s right!

    Stuart A. Paterson’s recent pamphlet, Aye, for Tapsalteerie signals a return to his native Scots, following the success of his last English-language collection, Border Lines, […]

    Marcas Mac an Tuairneir 22nd Feb'17 0

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