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    Indyref Poster Competition

    Here’s the long-list of entries for our poster competition in collaboration with the Scottish Independence Convention. If you are sharing these images (please do!), please […]

    Mike Small 9th Aug'14 46
  • Arts & Culture

    An Eye for an Aye?

    If you were asked to design a poster that inspires a nation, what would it be? Bella, National Collective and Scottish Independence Convention today launch […]

    Mike Small 2nd Apr'14 7
  • Arts & Culture


    The first of a new series highlighting innovation and new talent in Scotland today,  On a foggy evening on London Road I sit for a […]

    Rebecca Nada-Rajah 13th Apr'13 2
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    Finding Scottish Art

    No country can afford to have its culture devalued in this way, no culture can afford to be defined as ‘out of history’.

    Murdo Macdonald 16th Feb'13 24
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