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    Austerity Europe v The People

    In true Greek fashion, the originators of democracy will hold a referendum this weekend to determine whether or not Greece accepts the terms of the […]

    Fraser Stewart 30th Jun'15 20
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    Greek Myths

    Can an independent country share a currency? The Elgin Marbles depict the mythology of ancient Greece. The modern myth is that sovereign Nations can be […]

    Ronnie Morrison 29th Jun'15 38
  • Commentary

    A Letter from Athens

    Alkinoos Ioannidis, a singer-songwriter and composer based in Greece writes a letter of appeal to Scotland to use ‘the gentle power of song, which has […]

    6th Feb'15 19
  • Autonomism

    Austerity Athens

    This from Alex Korew …

    10th Feb'13 0
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Greek Independence

    Interview with Liana Kanelli an independent MP elected under the flag of the Greek Communist Party (KKE) for the last twelve years in four consecutive […]

    19th Feb'12 12
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    Moira Dalgetty 13th Feb'12 6
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