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Billy Bragg

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    Our Friends in the South

      Among the green leather at the heart of the British state and in a muddy field in rural Somerset, the Big Slander of the […]

    Robin McAlpine 4th Jul'14 49
  • Arts & Culture
    Denis Donoghue 26th Mar'14 14
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    North Star

    “Alex Salmond is right “Cameron doesn’t speak for England, he speaks for a Westminster elite” Go for it, Scotland” – Billy Bragg The last few […]

    Mike Small 8th Feb'14 10
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    Alternative Scottish Honours

    As The Times announces George Gideon Osborne as ‘Briton of the Year’ – surely confirming that we live in different political universes – we offer […]

    Mike Small 28th Dec'13 29
  • Civil Liberties

    Maggie’s Jukebox

    20 Years ago today the Tories turned on Margaret Thatcher as she had become a massive electoral legacy, much as Blair did 17 years later.  […]

    Mike Small 21st Nov'10 7
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