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Brian Quail

  • Commentary

    Confetti and Confusion

    (image by Tom Leonard) I haven’t got my special invitation, so I’m afraid I won’t be going to the Abbey for the Kate and William […]

    Brian Quail 20th Apr'11 8
  • WMD

    Cop Outs and Cuts

    Stopping Trident is one cut the British state is not prepared to make. We will forever cling blindly to our nuclear juju. Our sacrosanct national […]

    Brian Quail 8th Nov'10 2
  • WMD

    Gosh, I Got It Wrong……..

    In the sort of words never to be uttered by Margaret Thatcher or her successor Tony Blair, let me say out loud and clear: Sometimes […]

    Brian Quail 14th Sep'10 7
  • Environmental Justice

    Cut Trident Not Jobs

    An opinion poll by ICM for Scottish CND at the end of January 2007 found that 73 % of Scots are opposed to spending billions […]

    Brian Quail 18th Feb'10 2
  • International

    A History of Violence

    38 men were murdered in Glencoe on the 13th February 1692. Anther 40 women and children died of exposure after their homes were burned. By […]

    Brian Quail 20th Nov'07 0
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