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    A Profligate Junto

    Theresa May’s Alternative Burns Supper is a bold and wonderful act of absurdism, attempting to re-work Burns as a figure of Unionism. It’s a strange list […]

    Mike Small 23rd Jan'18 12
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    George Gunn 11th Jan'18 6
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    Let us Dae or Dee!

    “LET US DAE OR DEE!” The French springheids o Burns’s Jacobin slogan-cries. Robert Burns’ pairt-takkin fir the French Revolution is a weel-kent pairt o his […]

    Paul Malgrati 25th Apr'17 14
  • Scots
    Ashley Douglas 2nd Feb'17 7
  • Arts & Culture

    A History Maker

    Here is Jo Clifford’s moving and funny Reply Of The Lassies from the SNP Govan Burns Supper. Theatre-maker Jo Clifford is the first trans woman to make […]

    Jo Clifford 25th Jan'16 0
  • Identity

    Burns Nicht

    By Daibhidh Rothach “Well, I know he wrote something about pomp and ceremony being bad, but how about we celebrate him every year with some […]

    24th Jan'15 33
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    Robert Burns for Independence

    In this article I show the unbound Scottish patriotism of Robert Burns and argue he would have been a leading voice of the Yes Campaign. […]

    Patrick Scott Hogg 19th Jan'14 10
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    Kevin Williamson 5th Aug'11 26
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