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Christopher Silver

  • Review

    Demanding Democracy

    Christopher Silver’s ‘Demanding Democracy – The Case for a Scottish Media’ challenges the reader to ponder questions about Scotland’s broadcasting that far exceed the merely […]

    Robert J Somynne 7th Dec'16 12
  • Arts & Culture


    For those of you who don’t venture beyond our featured article, take a gander over at our book review section HERE where we have a […]

    Mike Small 2nd Aug'14 0
  • Commentary

    Towards a 21st Century Broadcaster

    With decades of commitment to the national industry, the Danes can expect around 25 feature dramas and 30 documentaries a year to be made in […]

    Christopher Silver 16th Jul'14 13
  • Film and Animation

    Scotland Yet

    A film about independence from Jack Foster and Christopher Silver  …

    Christopher Silver 30th Apr'14 4
  • Commentary

    Unionism and the English Language

    But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought. A bad usage can spread by tradition and imitation even among people who should and […]

    Christopher Silver 16th Nov'13 19
  • Commentary

    What’s Left of the Union Part 2

    What’s Left of the Union Part 2 Arguing for a socialist Yes: reclaiming the local The last century was one in which numerous macro solutions […]

    Christopher Silver 4th Oct'13 4
  • Commentary

    What’s Left of the Union?

    What’s Left of the Union? Part 1 Last week the Labour Conference came and went with some carefully choreographed nationalist populism. It was made clear […]

    Christopher Silver 3rd Oct'13 4
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