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Danny Alexander

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    By Mike Small This is a brilliant disaster. Congratulations to all of the fine candidates who swept away a derelict and bankrupt force in Scotland, […]

    Mike Small 8th May'15 58
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    3rd Apr'15 42
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    23rd Mar'15 40
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    Only 11 Days!

    Given that the much-trumpeted ‘game-changer’ of a radical proposal to announce a new federal Britain seems to have fizzled out in the wake of a […]

    Mike Small 7th Sep'14 15
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    John S Warren 21st Jul'14 9
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    Mentalists in Newtonmore

    A report from John Campbell of Aviemore of the Danny Alexander No meeting at Newtonmore Community Hall, Friday 11 April 2014 at the unusual starting […]

    John Campbell 18th Apr'14 34
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    Sail Away

    We stand on the verge … we should stand strong in the face of the City and corporate elite, and present a people’s prospectus for […]

    Jonathon Shafi 9th Mar'14 12
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    The Yes Campaign is Out of Control

    If you’re ever feeling doubtful…this is the campaign to save the Union in the busiest shopping street in Scotland’s largest city last Saturday (no photo-shopping […]

    Mike Small 3rd Mar'14 24
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    Certainty and Falsehood

    John S Warren on Douglas Alexander’s asymptotic offer of further Scottish Devolution Douglas Alexander claims in his speech (28th February) that Scotland already has the […]

    John S Warren 1st Mar'14 41
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    Dangerous Games

    One of the strangest aspects of the referendum “debate” so far has been watching people who claim to support a particular outcome rubbish the very […]

    Cath Ferguson 18th Feb'14 21
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