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David Torrance

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    Ewan Crawford 8th Sep'15 11
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    2nd Apr'15 45
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    Callous Absolutism

    By James McEnaney David Torrance isn’t happy. On Monday he accused me – in my earlier article for CommonSpace – of arguing that “greed and […]

    9th Mar'15 44
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    Made in Britain

    By Mike Small Made in Britain was the 1983 British television play which propelled Tim Roth to stardom for his amazing portrayal of the skinhead […]

    2nd Mar'15 36
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    An Inaudible Mumble

    Today we hear that Ed Miliband’s main response to the Queens Speech is to decry the fact that there isn’t another immigration bill. What a […]

    Mike Small 5th Jun'14 41
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    There is a theory going around that, despite a few superficial differences, the SNP and UKIP actually have a lot in common; that Scottish nationalists […]

    Jamie Maxwell 10th May'14 82
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      Standing on the steps of No 10 Margaret Thatcher spoke these words: “Where there is discord, may we bring harmony … may we bring […]

    Mike Small 7th May'14 31
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    Robin McAlpine 17th Apr'14 56
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    Torrance Response

    Bella agreed to a right to reply for David Torrance to Alan Bissett’s article ‘Ethnic Cleanse’. It seems my use of the word ‘ethnic’ in […]

    David Torrance 17th Apr'14 57
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    ‘Ethnic’ Cleanse

    According to the Herald journalist David Torrance he is an ‘ethnic nationalist’. To the composer James Macmillan he is a ‘Blood Scot nationalist’ and ‘motivated […]

    Alan Bissett 16th Apr'14 39
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    Shortbread Zeal Deficiency

      Recent attempts to scar the independence debate by smearing Alan Bissett will fail (‘Curious case of SNP’s shift from ethnic nationalism‘), and offer up […]

    Mike Small 14th Apr'14 11
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    Silly Wee Scotland

    “Don’t put North Britain on your paper; put Scotland and be done with it. Alas, that I should be stabbed in the house of my […]

    Derek Bateman 10th Jan'14 17
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