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Electoral Commission

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    Permitted Participants

      Apart from the terrible language – ‘Permitted Participants’ suggests others are not permitted – the registration for the Electoral Commission is a marker of […]

    Mike Small 8th May'14 12
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    Permitted Participant

    Three days ago Women for Independence tweeted saying:”‏@WomenForIndy So, in the next few weeks you will see us, @myYesScotland @WeAreNational & @ScotIndConv all as registered […]

    Mike Small 30th Apr'14 29
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    Confederation of British Incoherence

    The CBI has reversed its decision to become a registered campaigner against Scottish independence with the Electoral Commission. The scale of the CBI’s failure in […]

    John S Warren 27th Apr'14 16
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    The Voice

    This past week hasn’t been a stellar one for the Confederation of British Industry (CBI). It’s being described as a u-turn in the press but […]

    J Simon Jones 26th Apr'14 2
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