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  • Commentary

    Tick Tock

    As Scottish Politics settles into another dreary round of on-line name calling, the action has most definitely moved to Westminster where the real politicians in […]

    Peter Arnott 23rd Oct'15 53
  • Commentary

    Whatever Happened to the Tories, Ma?

    All the way through the referendum, I could feel my Tory ancestors tugging away at my insides somewhere. As I watched the various intimidating manoeuvres […]

    Peter Arnott 3rd Jul'15 30
  • Commentary

    Cameron’s Three Mistakes

    By Gavin Falconer If the people of Scotland opt for independence in the course of the next few years, historians will debate the causes behind […]

    Gavin Falconer 30th Apr'15 18
  • Greg Moodie

    One Nation Britain

    Greg Moodie on how playing the spoons on William Hague’s head became a tradition.

    6th Feb'15 9
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