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Holyrood Elections

  • Alex Salmond

    Porty, Clause 4 and Election Fever

    ( a response to A Liminal Moment) Elections are always liminal moments, moments of ‘in between’ when the normal state of things is turned upside […]

    Justin Kenrick 5th May'11 19
  • Uncategorized

    Mixed Messages for the Greens?

    In California, this is “John Muir Day”, a public holiday. Why don’t we celebrate it here? John Muir is practically a saint in the USA […]

    Ray Bell 21st Apr'11 9
  • Identity

    Take Caledonia

    ‘Stop the World – Scotland wants to get on!’ said Winnie Ewing after winning Hamilton for the SNP in 1967. As revolutionary action sweeps the […]

    Mike Small 18th Feb'11 18
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