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Iain Banks

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    Writer’s Bloc

    I’m being Inspired by Independence (Word Power Books) edited by Ross Colquhoun and Christopher Silver and in particular the work of Lyndsay Allardyce (great gulls!); […]

    Mike Small 20th Jul'14 10
  • Commentary

    Alternative Scottish Honours

    As The Times announces George Gideon Osborne as ‘Briton of the Year’ – surely confirming that we live in different political universes – we offer […]

    Mike Small 28th Dec'13 29
  • Commentary


    A truly great interview by Stuart Kelly in the Guardian with Iain Banks (it’s personal, clever, and insightful). Here’s the ‘political’ bit, but it’s really […]

    Stuart Kelly 16th Jun'13 3
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    Iain Banks & The Culture

    Steve Arnott takes a personal look at the ‘Culture’ novels of Iain Banks and argues that sceptics of the genre are missing out on something […]

    Steve Arnott 18th May'11 10
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