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    The Messenger

    Gerry Hassan’s article ‘Message to the Messengers’  chimed with several recent outbursts exploring discontent in the wider movement in the post-referendum political landscape. As the […]

    Mike Small 20th Dec'14 156
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    Parallel Universes

      In this still-liminal land, everyone is groping about to find meaning, clarity, purpose in the post-referendum Scotland. Longer-term strategies are being explored, schisms resisted, […]

    Mike Small 6th Nov'14 22
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    Facing Forwards

    Continuity Yes is a powerful movement but we need to move into new spaces with new ideas and a new focus. We said Yes. They […]

    Mike Small 19th Oct'14 75
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    Strong Roots

      Looking back at our posters now has a different feel. In new circumstances they take on new perspective. Some are just unbearably sad now, […]

    Mike Small 3rd Oct'14 34
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    South Kessock for Yes

    Jonathon Shafi responds to Better Together’s challenge to the idea that the most deprived area of Inverness is looking like one of the strongholds of […]

    Jonathon Shafi 12th Aug'14 14
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    Shortbread Zeal Deficiency

      Recent attempts to scar the independence debate by smearing Alan Bissett will fail (‘Curious case of SNP’s shift from ethnic nationalism‘), and offer up […]

    Mike Small 14th Apr'14 11
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    Born Honest Born Clever

    How a nation is born – and how it behaves as it is born – matters. History tells us this. A nation born in blood […]

    Robin McAlpine 13th Feb'14 23
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    Altered State

    We continue our series publishing extracts from Closer. Mike Small argues that with cultural revival, growing consciousness of the roots of economic inequality and a […]

    Mike Small 22nd Oct'13 7
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