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International Women’s Day

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    I feel like Scotland has been swindled. We have been taught to feel grateful for the existence of the UK and that by being part […]

    Mhairi McLellan 8th Mar'14 11
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    Change is scary: Change Now

    “Vote no and nothing will change for you, your daughters, grand-daughters, sisters, nieces, aunts, mothers and grandmothers. Vote yes and potentially, everything will…”

    Kate Higgins 8th Mar'14 11
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    My Journey to Yes

    As part of our ongoing series celebrating International Women’s Day, artist Janie Nicoll argues poetically for a Yes vote as a voice of optimism for […]

    Janie Nicoll 8th Mar'14 6
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    Lesley Riddoch 8th Mar'14 4
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    Clare Galloway 7th Mar'14 14
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    Women for Yes

    Kicking-off our series to celebrate International Women’s Day, Isobel Lindsay writes on power, gender and democracy. “If we weren’t so feart, this could be exciting” This […]

    Isobel Lindsay 6th Mar'14 5
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    Independent Women

    As we approach the full-on Holyrood election campaign, there will be few poltical parties putting women centre stage of their platform for government which is […]

    Kate Higgins 7th Mar'11 9
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