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John Muir

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    Johnny Marten 8th Jul'14 15
  • Crofting

    Unwilding Scotland

    In the final years of the last century I elected to live for a while on the island of North Uist. From the moment of […]

    Fraser MacDonald 2nd Nov'13 10
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    For Scottish Wildness

    In a recent column in the West Highland Free Press, former Labour Cabinet Minster Brian Wilson led the charge against the Scottish Government’s proposal to […]

    Alan McCombes 20th Jul'13 34
  • Arts & Culture

    Against Scottish Wildness

    I’ll say it upfront and get it out of the way: I’ve never had much time for John Muir. He has become one of Scotland’s […]

    Fraser MacDonald 17th Jul'13 59
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    Mixed Messages for the Greens?

    In California, this is “John Muir Day”, a public holiday. Why don’t we celebrate it here? John Muir is practically a saint in the USA […]

    Ray Bell 21st Apr'11 9
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