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Margaret Curran

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    12 Stories True

    One of the great myths that’s perpetuated in the media – you hear this a lot on the radio – is the one that ‘both sides are […]

    Mike Small 9th Sep'14 8
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    What’s Left of the Union?

    What’s Left of the Union? Part 1 Last week the Labour Conference came and went with some carefully choreographed nationalist populism. It was made clear […]

    Christopher Silver 3rd Oct'13 4
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    Diaspora Disengagement

    My son, for example, who went to university in England, I think I’d be uncomfortable with the thought that he’s now a foreigner – Margaret […]

    Harry McGrath 3rd Jun'13 8
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    George Gunn 1st Jun'13 8
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    Being There

    Seems Margaret Curran is early for the Don’t Know Week – this level of feigning ignorance is unacceptably stupid. DEREK BATEMAN ( BBC Radio Scotland): […]

    Citizen Smart 28th May'13 34
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