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Michel Foucault

  • Economics

    Did the Scots Invent Neoliberalism?

    By Alistair Livingston 1. Introduction On 13 May 1988, prime minister Margaret Thatcher addressed the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party conference in Perth. In the […]

    9th Feb'15 19
  • Commentary

    Neoliberalism vs the Deep State

    By Alistair Livingston This began as an article called ‘What is neoliberalism?’ after I read an article by Gerry Hassan criticising radical independence campaigners for […]

    13th Jan'15 55
  • Commentary

    Truth to Power

    Continuing our series of responses to Scotland’s Future, Alastair McIntosh: Towards a Nation of Parrhesíastes I got caught in a dilemma in November when the […]

    Mike Small 16th Dec'13 7
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