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New Scotland

  • Commentary

    Time’s Ticking

    Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far with our appeal, we’ve now reached over £8000. We’ve only got one week to go and […]

    Mike Small 14th Dec'13 0
  • Anti-Capitalism

    A New Economics for a New Scotland

    This is a debate you rarely hear in the independence movement and it’s an essential one. All else is fluff and denial. Tim Jenkins of […]

    26th Jun'13 4
  • Don't Know

    Don’t Know 5

    We asked people who Don’t Know how to vote next year to share our concerns in 500 words. All this week we’ll be publishing their […]

    Catriona Maclean 5th Jun'13 13
  • Commentary
    Gordon AsherLeigh French 28th Aug'12 18
  • Alex Salmond


    Pundits seem to be coalescing around the idea that a ‘positive message’ is an essential part of political campaigning (nothing new here, see Pat’s Juggernaut […]

    Mike Small 28th Jan'12 19
  • Death of Capitalism
    Justin Kenrick 14th Jan'12 9
  • Consumer Culture

    The Upside of Austerity

    The up side to austerity is the realisation of the worthless con that is material greed on which the house of cards of collapsing economies […]

    Fiona MacInnes 20th Nov'11 4
  • New Scotland

    Altered State

      “We have given ourselves the permission to be ambitious.” More than anything among a barrage of new sensations (collective relief, delight, and unbridled optimism) […]

    Mike Small 9th May'11 22
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