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Occupy Movement

  • Anti-Capitalism

    Occupying a non-place

    In an exclusive new essay for Bella Caledonia, author Ewan Morrison has some critical words to say about the direction taken by the global Occupy […]

    Ewan Morrison 19th Mar'12 19
  • Anarchism

    A Xmas Letter To A Neoliberal Friend

    Dear Friend I totally agree with you that the Arab Spring was the big story of 2011.  Toppling dictators means putting your life on the […]

    Kevin Williamson 21st Dec'11 12
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?

      The distinctly un-Christian attempts to evict the Occupy London Stock Exchange protesters from outside St Paul’s Cathedral have been an eye-opener, revealing ungodly facets […]

    Kevin Williamson 27th Oct'11 6
  • Collapsononics

    Letter to a Dead Man

    Dear young man who died on the fourth day of this turbulent 2011, dear Mohammed Bouazizi, I want to write you about an astonishing year […]

    Rebecca Nada-Rajah 20th Oct'11 4
  • Anarchism

    Occupy Edinburgh

    Politics in the service of people and planet; not run by corporations for profit. This is local, national and global democracy. That is what we […]

    Mike Small 19th Oct'11 17
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