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    The Day After a Year Ago

    With the Clackmannan result in, I really needed to go. In the time it took to get to the door The Glad Café had become […]

    Douglas Robertson 20th Sep'15 35
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    One Year On: how to lead from behind

    “Politicians argue that only if they are in power will decisions be the right ones, and thus we must suffer tedious rounds of facile political […]

    John S Warren 20th Sep'15 21
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    The Day Before a Year Ago

    In Whisky and Scotland (1935) Neil Gunn wrote: “any effort on the part of any section – such as Ireland or Wales or Scotland – […]

    Mike Small 17th Sep'15 76
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    Jamie Maxwell 16th Sep'15 28
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    Scotland’s Future #oneyearon

    It’s not often that Bernard Ponsonby, STV’s grizzled political correspondent (and let it not be forgotten, LibDem candidate in the 1988 Govan by-election), is responsible […]

    Pat Kane 15th Sep'15 40
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