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Peter Geoghegan

  • Review

    The People’s Referendum

    In the weeks and months leading up to September’s referendum, Peter Geoghegan travelled across Scotland – and Europe – meeting people on all sides of […]

    2nd Feb'15 24
  • Commentary

    A Partisan Press

    “As newspapers shrink, the media loses its capacity to act as a democratic watchdog” writes Peter Geoghegan, one of Scotland’s finest independent-minded young journalists (‘Media-bashing […]

    Mike Small 8th Nov'13 17
  • Podcast
    Mike Small 2nd Dec'12 0
  • Currency
    Peter Geoghegan 23rd Nov'12 3
  • Banking Crisis

    Irish Election 2011

    ‘Out with the bankers. We need a new Republic,’ a lad of barely 16 shouts. Regardless of their politics, not too many in Ireland would […]

    Peter Geoghegan 24th Feb'11 5
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