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Ray Bell

  • Industrial Action

    Not So Special Delivery

    The same political forces that ask us to believe in the Union are the ones that are shredding Britain of the only civic institutions that […]

    John Pilger 3rd Nov'09 3
  • Commentary

    Hold the Lions

    Guest columnist Ray Bell reflects on the political importance of sporting propaganda and asks: “What one thing does hold the Lions together?  A vague Victorian […]

    Ray Bell 30th Jun'09 0
  • Greenland

    Our Friends in the North

    One of Scotland’s largest neighbours has just voted for independence. I don’t mean England, or Ireland, or Scandinavia, but a country which is bigger than […]

    Mike Small 1st Dec'08 6
  • Commentary

    The Case for Cornwall

    “Britain* is divided into four parts; whereof one is inhabited by Englishmen, the other by Scots, the third by Welshmen, and the fourth by Cornish […]

    Ray Bell 3rd Apr'08 13
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