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    Kevin Williamson 6th May'11 15
  • Referendum on Independence

    Let the People Decide?

      This is in part a response to Jeff’s piece over at the brand new Better Nation (is there room for some kind of ‘Alasdair […]

    Mike Small 6th Sep'10 16
  • New Labour

    Fade to Gray

    This from Open Democracy’s Our Kingdom website: “This is charitably the fifth policy position of Scottish Labour on the independence question in two years. First, […]

    Mike Small 29th Sep'09 2
  • Elections

    Voting Rights of Young People

    This from the Guardian on the voting rights of young people: “The constitutional question of suffrage for young people is becoming important as the country […]

    Mike Small 27th Sep'09 3
  • Referendum on Independence

    The Long March

    This from Gerry Hassan on Our Kingdom: “The progressive story of Britain is in deep, deep crisis, perhaps mortally so; it has been battered by […]

    Gerry Hassan 4th Sep'09 4
  • Referendum on Independence

    Dismantling the Empire State

    The SNP has begun its attempt to break up Great Britain by bringing forward a bill for a referendum on independence. First Minister Alex Salmond […]

    Mike Small 2nd Sep'09 4
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