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Scotland Bill

  • Holyrood 2016
    Alistair Davidson 11th Feb'16 82
  • Commentary

    The Powers of the Scotland Bill

    The big question with the Scotland Bill is this – are ‘powers’ and ‘power’ the same thing? Is power the ability to do something or […]

    Robin McAlpine 10th Nov'15 48
  • Commentary

    Unravelling with Hysteria

    By Mike Small The credibility of the Union is un-peeling daily before our eyes. As The Scotland Bills unravels and the commitment to further powers […]

    Mike Small 17th Jun'15 63
  • Economics

    That’ll Show ‘Em!

    The Scotland Bill is is being pushed through parliament before the summer recess because no one actually takes it or Scotland seriously.  Peter Arnott explains. Sometime […]

    Peter Arnott 10th Jun'15 75
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