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Scotland in Europe

  • Europe

    Scotland, a European Nation

    Scotland, a European nation adjourned in 1707, is hereby reconvened. The Scottish parliament, overwhelmingly and without a single vote against, has endorsed its first full […]

    Michael Gray 29th Jun'16 90
  • International

    Independence or Fax Democracy?

    Without a doubt, the SNP policy of Independence in Europe has set the agenda. In essence, the whole issue boils down to whether Scotland will […]

    Toni Giugliano 27th May'13 17
  • EU membership

    EU’ve Been Framed

    If scaremongering wasn’t enough, the No campaign have now decided to plunge into the absurd. According to Alistair Darling an independent Scotland could be forced […]

    Toni Giugliano 10th Feb'13 10
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