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  • Media

    The Scottish Left, Reviewed

    As a socialist in the SNP, it’s difficult to know what message I am supposed to take from the editorial in Scottish Left Review 101. […]

    Craig Lundie 18th Dec'17 25
  • Generation Y

    SCOTLAND 3.0

    This is the first of a series of extracts from Scotland’s Road to Socialism – Time to Choose, edited by Gregor Gall and published by […]

    Mike Small 9th May'13 3
  • Identity

    On the Road

    One of the favourite refrains of the Scottish right is that Scotland’s centre of political gravity does not, as socialists and nationalists like to insist, […]

    Jamie Maxwell 2nd May'13 5
  • Events

    Disloyal Subjects

    All proceeds to Scottish Left Review. Monday 4 June 2012. Doors 19.30, tickets £10. With Susan Disloyal SubjectsMorrison, Vladimir McTavish and Bruce Morton together with […]

    Mike Small 22nd May'12 1
  • Death of Capitalism

    Leaving Leaving, Left

    Is it really enough to say ‘but we’d lose our place at the top table’ if what we do with that place at the top […]

    Robin McAlpine 11th Nov'11 4
  • New Labour

    Independence and the Left

    A recent Guardian editorial (23/10/11) claimed that the United Kingdom was ‘sleepwalking’ towards a break up of the union. However, anyone who witnessed Alex Salmond’s keynote […]

    Clancy McMahon 10th Nov'11 6
  • Referendum on Independence

    Building a Movement for Yes!

    BUILDING A MOVEMENT FOR YES! Saturday 28 November 2009 10.30 – 6.00 @ Out of the Blue As the plans for a referendum on Scottish independence […]

    Mike Small 18th Nov'09 5
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