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    Johnny Rep and the Psychology of No

    Where are you in all this? People seem to be working to weirdly different time sequences from ‘they think it’s all over’ to ‘we’ll finish […]

    Mike Small 21st May'14 22
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    Unionism’s Credibility Gap

    The distinguished psephologist Professor John Curtice has suggested that we may expect the turnout for the Scottish Referendum on 18th September to be around 80% […]

    John Warren 16th Apr'14 21
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    The Yes Campaign is Out of Control

    If you’re ever feeling doubtful…this is the campaign to save the Union in the busiest shopping street in Scotland’s largest city last Saturday (no photo-shopping […]

    Mike Small 3rd Mar'14 24
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    Born Honest Born Clever

    How a nation is born – and how it behaves as it is born – matters. History tells us this. A nation born in blood […]

    Robin McAlpine 13th Feb'14 23
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