David Cameron told MPs three months ago: “I’m responsible for the decisions I take, the people I employ, the government I run. The buck stops right here, and I take full responsibility for every single thing I do.”

You’re not winking now Andy…

No 10 now has to confront the unfortunate fact that one of Cameron’s old school buddies, Charlie Brooks, his closest media ally, Rebekah Brooks, and now his communications director of four years, Coulson, have all been charged or questioned over perjury or conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

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  1. What intrigues me is the fact that people like these are now actually being nailed. I don’t think for one moment that Cameron’s cronies are any worse than the shower that Blair hung out with. But now the Teflon coating is peeling off. Is this all because Murdoch’s influence has been eroded or is something else afoot?

  2. Far from being nailed the feral tabloid media has been employed by the British Govt – feted and very highly paid for their propaganda skills. What’s extraordinary is that despite the veneer of Leveson (expect nothing) – what’s extraordinary is that they have not all been rounded up and thrown in jail despite massive evidence of widespread corruption.

    • I think that can be explained by looking at the reason for and remit of the Leveson enquiry. The whole point is to restrict the way the press get their information for their stories. Ultimately, restrictions are going to be imposed that effectively mean that the press can only use information that is handed to them.

      Of course, a few sacrificial lambs from the press company that is owned by the devil himself (isn’t that how our political parties, with the aid of the BBC, now portray Murdoch?) helps convince Joe Public that these restrictions are totally necessary.

      Of course, we’ll still claim to have a free press…

    • Agreed

      These are indeed the politics and corruption of the rogue Third World countries that we allegedly sell our values, ethics and moral principles to.

      HP Sauce, Street of Shame and the opening stories in Private Eye are the pages I read every story from.

      It’s the closest to a free press there is in Britain today.

      Thank god for Ian Hislop and his gang.

  3. Reblogged this on Daibhidhdeux's Blog and commented:
    Deliciously Orwellian hoisting of petard – an absolute political lightweight and stranger to the idea of ethics.

  4. The political purpose of Westminster inquiries have three functions followed by one purpose – prevaricate – prevaricate – prevaricate -followed by a weary kick into the long grass.

    Chilcot anyone!

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