George Gunn performing at Neu! Reekie! this Friday

St Andrew’s Night at Neu! Reekie!

Venue:  Summerhall, Edinburgh

Time: 7pm-10pm, Friday 30th November

Caithness poet and Bella Caledonia columnist George Gunn will be appearing at the final Neu! Reekie! show of the year in Edinburgh this Friday.  George will perform a new music-film-spoken word collaboration with, let’s just say, a distinct Strathnaver flavour to it.

It promises to be a great evening out – although as co-director of Neu! Reekie! I have to say that – with spoken word from the multi-talented award-winning Irish writer Emer Martin (again I have to say that as its Emer’s painting on the cover of my most recent poetry collection!) plus music from up-and-coming Scottish all-girl pop sensation Teen Canteen.

Also on the bill will be the first Edinburgh appearance in ten years from Scottish pop pioneers The Pastels.

Seeing as its on St Andrew’s Night I may throw some non-traditional Scottish film and music into the mix.

If you’ve never been to a Neu! Reekie! event here’s two reviews of our most recent shows in Glasgow (review in The Skinny) and Edinburgh (review in The List).

Word to the wise:  this is an unticketed event and its the first 120 folk who turn up on the night who get in.  So come early if you want a seat. Doors open at 7pm.  All tickets cost just £7.

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5 replies

  1. Cheers – Summerhall aye ? mind and bring yer tweed jackets and chinos folks.

  2. You can wear anything you want. Even glasses.


  3. Just one thing though…

    Some of of us don’t drink, because we’re driving, don’t want to drink etc… can you provide a bit more soft drinks etc please?

  4. BTW
    Have a wee refreshment to celebrate two countries who liberated themselves from Westminster on November 3oth: the Independence Day of Yemen (1967) and Barbados 30th November 1966.

  5. Yemen… there’s a haven of liberty…

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