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Former Bush Chief of Staff backs Sanders

Award-winning filmmaker Eric Byles interviews Col. Larry Wilkerson. In this two-part interview Wilkerson – who was the Chief of Staff for Secretary of State Colin Powell, says he’d now vote for Bernie Sanders Before Donald Trump.


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  • Douglas Robertson 2 years ago

    Film 5 on the top set is well worth watching – this details how Dick Cheney constructed the dossier to go to war with Iraq. Sounds familiar? It also show’s Cheney’s views in 2004 on why the US should not dispose of Sadam Hussian because the whole region would fall apart. He states clearly it was for oil, and Cheney changed his view because he wanted the oil, and to cover their failure to deal earlier with Bin Laden.

  • Kevin Brown 2 years ago

    I follow Wilkerson, who has much to say worth hearing. This wasn’t, however, one of his better efforts.

    Regarding the first video, a couple of things should be pointed out. First up. David Frum is given plenty of screen time. Who is he? A leading Neo Con and ex Shrub Bush speechwriter mainly known for coining the term, ‘Axis of Evil’, as used by Shrub Bush in a state of the union address just before opening the ‘gates of hell’ by illegally invading Iraq (a much more apropos coinage to my way of thinking, as used quite prophetically by Saddam Hussein). That sets the tone. Second point: DC voted against Trump en masse because it earns its keep in the service of K Street (lobbyists) Wall Street (banksters) and the Warfare State. It needs a president who will continue to serve those interests, and so it has no love for Trump, who is a wild card and can’t be trusted to carry with ‘business as usual’.

    Bella needs a US politics editor, to save it from running this kind of material without proper editorial explanation.

  • James Dow a voice from OZ 2 years ago

    The attack on Iraq and subsequent murder of Saddam had nothing to do with WMDs ,but it did have a lot to do with one of mankinds oldest emotions,REVENGE. For Saddam had come up with the worlds most sophisticated weapon, a suicide bomber with a financial incentive, sounds like an oxymoron, not really when you consider the martyr was sure he was flying off to the arms of virgins comforted by the knowledge that his family would be generously renumerated for their sad loss. If Israel had not mobilised a compliant USA along with the partnership of the willing, Aust, and the UK just for a bit of dressage, Israel probably would have run out of Israelis a long time before Saddam ran out of willing suicide bombers.
    Anybody disagree?

    Israel probably would have run out of Israelis a long time before Saddam ran out of willing suicide bombers.

    for a bit of dressage Israel was in danger of running out of Israelis before Saddamran out of willing martyrs.


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