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    Remembering Tzvetan Todorov

    Last week, the French-Bulgarian intellectual, writer and historian of ideas, Tzvetan Todorov, passed away in Paris at the age of seventy-seven from a degenerative illness. […]

    Douglas Stuart Wilson 13th Feb'17 9
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    Can Trump Read and Write?

    There are people who are now challenging whether the elected President of the United States is functionally illiterate. Take a look at the report and […]

    7th Feb'17 1
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    Building a Counter-Power

    “Building a counter-power”: What Scotland could learn from Spain’s municipal movement ahead of local elections. Ben Wray reports from an international conference of the municipal […]

    Ben Wray 6th Feb'17 5
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    Trump is Bringing the War Back Home

    Having made the psychologically damaging error of listening to Trump’s Inauguration speech, like a good many others in the world, I didn’t get a lot […]

    Peter Arnott 21st Jan'17 15
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    The Audacity of Hope?

    Neil McLeod assesses the Obama Presidency and its legacy. It is predictable that, in the week of what looks like a giant leap backwards for […]

    Neil McLeod 21st Jan'17 3
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    What to fear from Trump?

    Sarah Kendzior is the author of The View From Flyover Country, a collection of essays published in 2015. She is a journalist, researcher and foreign […]

    20th Dec'16 1
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    Gordon Guthrie 16th Dec'16 6
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    What’s going on in America?

    [View the story “What’s Going on in America?” on Storify]

    12th Dec'16 30
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    David Black 5th Dec'16 9
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    Lessons from Anacostia

    Linda Tirado looks at a broken America. “I don’t call for unity. There can be no unity with people who oppose your existence.” Follow her […]

    Linda Tirado 30th Nov'16 11
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    What’s Going on in America?

    [View the story “What’s Going on in America?” on Storify]

    26th Nov'16 7
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    Charting American Fascism

    [View the story “Charting American Fascism” on Storify]

    22nd Nov'16 3
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    Don’t Get Nostalgic for Obama

    So, let’s get the fun observations about Trump over with first. In no particular order, he’s a six times bankrupt, self-confessed  sexual predator,  racist, anti-muslim,  […]

    Jim Bennett 21st Nov'16 18
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    13th Nov'16 32

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